Ferro Titanium

Ferro Titanium 70% is a low residual, low melting point titanium alloy consumed in the steel industry. Ferro Titanium is produced using titanium scrap and low carbon iron scrap.

The scrap blend is such that 70% Titanium content s contained in the final product. At this ratio of titanium o iron, a eutectic is achieved in which the melting point of he alloy is 1,200°C whereas Titanium & Iron melt at approx ,650°C. This eutectic allows rapid dissolution of the alloy.

Fondel Metals B.V. is the exclusive sales agent of Transition International Ltd the Sheffield, a UK based Ferro Titanium producer.

Main applications for Ferro Titanium include:
- Cleansing Agent
Ferro Titanium is highly reactive with sulfur, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen, forming insoluble compounds
and sequestering them in slag, and is therefore used for deoxidizing, desulfurization and denitrification.

- Grain Refiner
Ferro Titanium promotes finer grain structures with the steel matrix. This can improve malleability in carbon steels, thereby increasing its versatility. 

Ferro Titanium


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